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Why use Rope Access?

Quick to install | Safer than scaffolding and cradle systems | It is unobtrusive | Does not cause a security risk | Saves time & Money

Our experienced Rope Access teams provide a full package coating service including corrosion control, surface preparation, residential coating applications and painting. And, the best part of all, we can do it while saving you money and time!

As the urban landscape becomes more complex architecturally and continues to grow vertically, different access options are needed to complete necessary maintenance needs. Rope Access has become the contemporary option for non-intrusive maintenance projects.

We offer specialized skills including but not limited to: re-bar detection, core drilling, coverage testing, spalling and crack surveys, offering clients and all-inclusive access and survey solution.

Silo maintenance provides many challenges for crews due to confined spaces, difficult access, and sheer structure height. The need for advanced techniques and innovative methods for silo maintenance, inspections, cleaning, painting, and repair has led to rope access solutions for these challenging jobs. Our industrial maintenance experts are here to discuss the benefits of using rope access for silo maintenance and cleaning projects. From internal safety standards to accredited working practices, facility owners can quickly see why utilizing a rope access crew for silo services is the way to go.

We do placement, testing and certification of bolts and anchor points (installation and testing of Fall Arrest and Rope Access anchors). The permanent anchors will increase the safety and also the productivity of a Rope Access team. If no permanent anchors are used the safety of the team is dependent on the experience and supervision of the team leader. By using correctly installed anchors you can reduce the time and equipment needed to establish a safe work site, and avoid the use of time-consuming and expensive scaffolding.

Our Rope Access technicians can install protection netting in difficult to reach places without the inconvenience of using scaffolding and lifts. This is truly an instance where Rope Access can save you time, money, easily access a multitude of different environments, all while ensuring absolute safety on site.

Excelling in the ability to assists a variety of engineering firms with the drilling of core samples for carbonation and compression strength testing.


Aspires to become a one-stop shop offering a variety of services.


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